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Is she in love with me?

-I ll turn to her and she ll just look me in the eyes passionately for about a minute. Solid eye contact with that "look".

-She stares at me sometimes. I ask her what s up, she says what I can t just look at you? Even first time we met.

-She blushes AND laughs when I tease her with jokes. It s a very distinct blushing. Like her face becomes flush in a "I m falling for you" way. I've seen this before, it s very distinct.

-She holds my hand or otherwise is affectionate with me constantly even if I m doing dishes she ll touch me affectionately when walking by, or rub my leg randomly when watching a movie.

-She wanted a relationship/called me her boyfriend. After one weekend together. We talked online for 3 weeks before she flew across the country to meet me, spending the weekend together doing nothing but watching movies and having sex. We've literally only met once so far, I'm going to see her next.

-This girl is not only amazingly hot but also successful. She could have ANY guy in her town. But flew all the way out here to meet me and spend the weekend with me.

-She asked if she is special to me.

-She told me she is not going to see or go meet anyone else.

-She tried to take some of my items to get me to go see her, telling me I had to go see her to get them back.

-She took down her dating profile. after she called me her boyfriend and went back home.

-She initiates conversations with me 25% of the time.

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    I don't know but I am.

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