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Why would the Police print out my ID Card at the airport? What are the benefits for this?

When I arrived lately from a Trip back to Germany via Plane, two German Police officers came immediately after the Plane Tunnel ended in my direction and asked me for my ID card. I showed it to them and than they told me I have to follow them, they have to scan & print out my ID Card. I havent asked them why. I thought its normal at the airport. My cousin is part of a right wing nazi organization in Germany and he also visits me sometimes. I have no ties to his org. Or even supporting his ideology . But why has my ID card beeing printed out? Anyone has an Idea? 

Tags: law enforcements, Germany, Nazism, Politics, Airport, Police, Army

1 Answer

  • It's probably for airport security. They did that when I went to the US one time, and I'm guessing they want to keep tabs on everyone who comes in and out

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