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why is britain today a shadow of what it was?

you can't say anything anymore as political correctness governs what people can say....and immigration has gotten way out of control, transforming towns and cities..

i really do mourn britain of the past, of the 1960's- when we didn't have any of these problems...

what do you think is majorly wrong with the country today? and can we ever get the old britain back?

plus, everything seems to be Americanized here now too.

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    Immigrants are human beings who want a good quality of life and usually come from poor, third world countries. If the government invited people over from poor countries than they should have provided them with education, training and employment opportunities. Then they would have integrated into society better. And immigrants tend to live in poor towns and cities in poor areas. Those places were already dumps. 

    I think that the British government needs to reduce immigrants and allow people to only study & work temporarily for up to 7 years. 

    Infrastructure in some parts of the country need updating and they need to improve the education & health care system. 

    No, you can’t bring the old Britain back. Globalisation and technology = pushed by Western countries have changed everything. Family values have gone down the drain because British people just don’t care about keeping the family together and parenting their kids. That’s NOT the fault of immigrants.

    EDIT: YOU can say what you like but everyone has the right to disagree with you. Hate speech is not tolerated and should not be tolerated. YOU would not want nasty, vile abuse thrown at YOU or your family.

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    You can;'t and it's no good looking through rose-tinted glasses. Lots of sexism and racism back then and people were WAAAYYY poorer. When people moan about not being able to say things for political correctness--this usually means, 'I am p*ssed off I can't shout a slur at someone.'

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