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Is coding programming hard to learn? ?

I have no experience in computers. I just know the basics. I'm looking at doing a course in learning coding programming and wondered h I w difficult with someone with not any experience will find it. I learn pretty quickly but wondered if anyone has done this themselves and if it's a good career to get into. P.S I love gaming and played PC games don't know if that makes a difference lol

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    Hello! There is an online school for coders. You pay no tuition until you have a job paying over $52,000 a year. Coders can make up to $60 an hour. A skill worth learning. Not terribly hard, just like learning a second language. My brother could not read or write well but he could read code with such ease it surprised me. You might want to google "teach me to be a coder" if I see the ad again I will post it.

    Good luck to you & your future. Cheers!

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     . If your willing to learn most do. I however wasn’t able to get it. Good luck 

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    It's all about your passion and will-power. Coding is not a difficult thing and there are many other things to learn and understand while developing. You just need to search and list down what you have to learn in sequence according to your interests and practice as much as you can. And for self-study start doing practicing by doing some exercises. And you're good to go. 

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    4 months ago

    Pfft...I learned it 5 minutes.

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    4 months ago

    I spent a long time learning how to code. Coding is not something that you can quickly learn.

    In my opinion, I think one of the best computer related careers to get into is making websites, but since you prefer gaming, and playing pc games than I won't recommend this career path to you.

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    Is gaming hard to learn?  How many hours have you spent getting as good as you are right now?

    Those are similar questions.  The answers are similar, too.  It depends on you.  If you're interested enough that putting in the time it takes to get good seems like fun rather than work, then no...programming isn't all that hard. 

    If you want to find out for yourself, there's a series of free-to-read ebooks by Al Sweigart at his website. A suggested order is:

         Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, 2nd Ed.

         Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python, 4th Ed.

         Making Games with Python & Pygame

    Those gives you (1) an introduction to programming and the Python programming language, (2) more experience with Python using text-based games as projects, and (3) an introduction to 2D graphical games using the Pygame package.  The other books, on Scratch, Minecraft and "Cracking Codes" are not really part of that sequence. 

    The last book needs updating, but is still useful.  It was written when Pygame only ran under Python 2.  You want to learn Python 3, and that's what you'll get in the newer editions of the other books.  The code in the book runs on Python 3, though, so once you get both Python and Pygame installed you'll be okay.

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    No, coding is fairly easy if you have some presence of logic and structure in your mind. Do not expect everyone to be able to code. Some types of people will never be able to do it (suggesting that out of work journalists turn to coding is ridiculous).

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    Have you ever wished to automate anything with your computer? Have you done so with simple script/batch files? Programming is just a bigger term for that.

  • It's not hard to learn, but it's near impossible to master as there is always a more efficient solution (thus the demand for Data Scientists)

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    4 months ago

    Well I’m not sure...

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