Is earthlight brighter than moonlight?

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  • Mike
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    4 months ago

    Because the Earth's albedo is about 3 times that of the moon and the Earth is larger in area, the full Earth as seen from the moon would be about 50 times brighter than the full moon as seen from Earth.

  • 4 months ago

    Yes it is... Earth's albedo (the amount of light reflected by area) is greater than the moon's, and the area of Earth is much greater as well, reflecting even more light. 

  • 4 months ago

    Yes. A full Earth is sixteen times larger in apparent area and also reflects more light, being about three times as bright per unit area, so it would average around fifty times as bright. It would be even brighter when it's cloudy or during the Southern summer, when Antarctica is visible.

  • 4 months ago

    Yes because the Moon has the Albiedo of a well used roadway

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    4 months ago

    to answer required some INVESTIGATION as to if  "EARTHLIGHT" has been measured   the terms for EARTHLIGHT  are aka  PLANET-SHINE    or  EARTH-SHINE   NASA has done   measurements  that intensity is NOT a constant it varies

       for term  understanding Planet shine is defined as the dim  illumination  by SUN-LIGHT , reflected from a planet OR all or part of the otherwise DARK side of ANY moon orbiting a planet

     EARTH shine is a dull glow which lights up the UNLIT part of the moon because SUNLIGHT  reflects  OFF the earth surface back ON TO the moon meaning the same light is REFLECTED TWICE

     planet - light is the diffuse reflection of Sun light from a planet whose ALBEDO can be measured and can be observed

     EARTHshine(     is MOST readily  visible a few nights BEFORE and a few nights AFTER a NEW MOON

     Leonardo DiVinci explained this phenomenon  in the 16th century when he realized   EARTH    and MOON l reflect  SUN light at the SAME time    OCEANS reflect the least amount  of light  10 %

     LAND  10-25% and CLOUDS 50 %  may i suggest the book  2 SPACE BORNE measurements of EARTHLIGHT polarization

     satellite measurements of ENERGY reflected from the ARCTIC  provide a picture of why earth shine PEAKS in SPRING  

       the MOONS  average ALBEDO is  0.12 and the EARTHS   ALBEDO  is 0.30   the ALBEDO  scale of reflection is 0-1   0 being noneffective  meaning the moon reflects back 12% of the sun  light  that reaches it  in comparison the EARTH reflects back 30 % of the sunlight that reaches it surface  thank you for the question

  • 4 months ago

    We can see "earthlight" when most of the moon's face is in darkness.  That is two bounces of sunlight--once off the earth, and once off the moon.

    There has been no photo of any moonlit Earth as seen from the surface of the moon, as far as I am aware.  That would be only at time of the full moon and the earth is near the sun.  Too brilliant for exposing the darkened earth with faint moonlight on it.

  • 4 months ago

    Moonlight doesn’t actually generate light, it’s simply the reflection of the suns light off the moon.

    So it depends on how your asking the question, but the moon reflects more like.

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