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Can you work for two law firms at the same time?

One role at one firm would be as a paralegal and the other would be at a different firm in their business services dept. Neither have non-compete agreements or anything saying I can't technically speaking.

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    No.  Not without the express permission of both law firms.  If they allow you to, they will have to build a "Chinese Wall" restricting you from files where one firm represents a plaintiff and another firm represents a defendant, in one case.  I am surprised that you don't know this information.  Anyone with a good, well-rounded paralegal education ought to know that.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience & with Employment law experience.
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  • Nancy
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    What do you mean by "can"?  Is there a law against it?  No.  Will those two firms allow it?  Almost certainly not.  I've never heard of any law firm that doesn't expressly require employees disclose any and all work they might do for another law firm, and I've never heard of any law firm where not doing so isn't a fireable offense.  So said employee will, if not by firm policy as a condition of their employment by a fiduciary duty and an obligation to ensure there is no conflict of interest beyond the scope of what that employee can readily see, need to advise the two firms of the intention before doing so and obtain permission.  It would be ill-advised not to as law firms tend to be quite litigious and said employee could likely find himself or herself readily sued by both if and when found out. 

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