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Gold asked in EnvironmentGreen Living · 2 months ago

to save money on electricity should i cover my house in 1000 solar panels?

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  • 2 months ago
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    thats up to you

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  • 2 months ago

    Use LED lights and tubes.

    Use ceiling fan having brushless DC motor. This ceiling fan consumes at the most 32W at highest speed compared to 75-80W consumed by the conventional ceiling fan that use AC motor.

    Switch off electric appliances when not in use including desktop, laptop, TV display, microwave, geyser.

    Use natural gas based geyser instead of electric geyser and natural gas for cooking food. Biodegradable waste also decomposes to give Methane which is the major component of Natural gas. A housing colony should collect biodegradable waste in one place and make bio-methane. Methane is also used for making electricity.

    Periodically clean and defoul your heat exchanger devices like blades of ceiling fan, filter of air-conditioning unit, fan of laptop, fan of CPU of desktop.

    Thermally insulate hot water pipes from geyser and cold refrigerant pipe of air-conditioning unit and replace worn-out insulation.

    The room having air-conditioning unit should be kept closed with all doors and windows closed and the room should be thermally insulated, use false ceiling.

    Do not open and close the door of your fridge frequently but ensure that its door closes perfectly, replace its worn-out gaskets.

    The problem with solar is its occupies land area, is unreliable and the solar insolation reduces by the presence of barriers like clouds, pollution layer, thick forests cover or mountains, high rise building. The housing colony can think of installing floating solar unit above water storage tanks or water bodies like wells, lakes, pools near your area-this will also help to reduce the evaporative loss of water from these water bodies.

    Save water, capture rain water and snow melt, store it, minimize evaporative loss of water. water can be used to generate hydroelectric power.

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