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Should I cancel my Appointment to the Dentist?

So this upcoming Friday I’m “supposed” to get my top wisdom teeth extracted. 

I’ve been hearing that most dentist aren’t taking patients in unless it’s an emergency and mines not an emergency extraction.

I feel like I should cancel it until  after we are able to fully go out.

I have braces and I know my ortho appointments are being cancelled this month because of COVID-19. Long before we knew this would have happened my Ortho said I needed my wisdom teeth out but it was like it was an emergency. 

Should I just call my general dentist and cancel? Or should I first call my Ortho and ask him what he thinks since my main focus is my braces treatment just to see if having been that everything is getting pushed back if he thinks it’s necessary or not?

Also, I have a feeling she won’t like it. I went in for an exam that I needed and she literally told me 6 times she could extract them right then and there that it would only be 10 minutes and that I didn’t need anyone to be with me that I would be fine to drive back home. 

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    I would cancel. It is not an emergency. I also wonder why "he" says you need them out. There is no "need" to remove teeth unless there is a REAL need, which would be something that can't wait, or can't wait too long.

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    My dentist called me to cancel my appointment weeks ago. You should call and cancel unless it is an emergency, but wisdom teeth can wait. I would not go near a dentist's office right now. 

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    I think you'll find they are both closed. The earth has quit turning.

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    It's not an emergency so why even risk it with having an open wound!? Maybe if you had an abscess it ought to be done.

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  • 4 months ago

    call your Doctor/Dentist to see if your appointment has been canceled for you. if it's still scheduled, take it. you won't have another opportunity for a couple years (probably). not only do you have to wait out The CCP Virus but you also need to deal with the backlog of rescheduled services if you wait. 

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