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Which sites can you use to sell consultations online internationally besides paypal, I just found out that paypal has no privacy?

Paypal lists your exact location and full name to show to customers, is there a site with more privacy? I tried to look into shopify but they use paypal as well, any suggestions?

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    3 months ago

    why is letting your customer know who you are a bad thing? most smart buyers won't pay if they don't know who they're dealing with.

    and PayPal is ideal so nobody gets the other's credentials (bank account, credit card), and PayPal will intervene if the buyer gets ripped off, so they have a feeling of safety and trustworthiness.

    honestly, if you aren't willing to let people know who you are, you just look like a scammer. even legit businesses in real life have their seller's permit displayed behind the counter, so that people know who they are buying from...

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  • 3 months ago

    I've got a suggestion.  Give up now as YOU don't possess the intelligence to be able to do it successfully.

    • math3 months agoReport

      Really he does not have the intelligence, at least he is not a lazy mf like you who is retired and harass people online. 

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