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What is your opinion on treating addicts with genuine chronic pain issues? ?

Before you answer i'm only interested in intellectual answers from none narrow minded people who actually wish to help and use this website for good reasons.. not to just offend and be completely closed minded, but i am a recovering heroin addict with crohns disease and marfan syndrome.. Most people know with crohns is so I won't go into detail, but marfan is a connective tissue disorder... it causes all of my joints to be very slack and my back to bend severely in two places (scoliosis) causing constant pressure on my spinal cord and surrounding entire body is uneven, one shoulder hangs and the other doesn't and one hip protrudes almost like a woman's and the other doesn't ..even causes my left leg to be longer than the other, everything I do causes me pain and at age 12 I turned to substances to help me cope with being in complete agony 24/7, marijuana quickly became pills and they became heroin... and now as an adult I am only just beginning to get clean, my one main issue is.. no doctor I've been to will proscribe me anything to help with the pain because of my past, when anyone else in my situation would be dosed up to the eyeballs... it's easier for me to keep using hard drugs because I can actually get them and be pain free, which I think is completely unethical and inhumane..."you were a drug addict so be in agony" I get that they have a duty of care to their patients, but I am not gonna go on much longer if this continues, even less time of I'm sober.

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    It's not fair. I probably shouldn't say this, but as a chronic pain sufferer, I will. Is it possible to start over with a new doctor and just not tell him about that part of your past medical history?

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    Pain treatment is separate from substance misuse. Any medic obstructing pain relief needs to be reported via incident form

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    There are multiple ways of dealing with pain besides giving someone narcotics. Just to give a few, TENS units, cut a nerve, a small dose of ketamine, ANSAIDS, hypnosis, regional blocks. etc. The problem is narcotics are easy for doctors to prescribe and take little time with the patient.

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    Pain needs to be managed effectively.  People should be allowed the most effective pain treatment available. Whether or not opiates are the only solution and particularly the best solution is another issue altogether.   I would not even consider opiates an option unless all other alternative treatments had been tried and failed.  Opiates are a last resort and just one step away from death since the dosage needs to keep increasing to be effective.  Eventually, chronic use typically leads to an overdose. 

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    This is a big issue to answer in one comment.Whith want I know and usingg Contexual Hypnosis it is important to focus the mind on what is not in pain rather then what is. The more you focus on the pain the more you fear it, become more anxious about it and it control you not you controlling it. There much more about this but I thing Hypnotherapy would help with the right therapist. Hope this helps .

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    Yippee skippee for you

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    "Into everyone's life a little rain must fall". The problem with the world today, especially here in the US, we need euphoria and not focussing on recovery. I agree there are scenarios where opioids can improve life.

    I was returning to work from lunch when my left leg buckled and a sharp pain. I turned around, got in my car and went to my Dr. I called my manager and he agreed. When I returned I had a script for an opioid and was told to go to HR. There, I was told I need to go to their Dr. because it was their lot I parked on. The Dr. did a little more of an exam and pulled out a notebook. He had ruptured his plantar tendon inches leg and all the symptoms were the same. He said give it 3 days and avoid the opioids. I did and used crutches and stayed off my feet. Progress was made and in 3 weeks I was full strength and no issues. It's a quick fix at best. Also other scripts can have negative impact on the positives opioids do.

    I don't know the medical issues you described and got lost trying to keep up. The thing is, THE US, over does the opioid scripts big time WE, the patients are stuck with the results.

    Good luck

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