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Abi asked in Pregnancy & ParentingAdoption · 2 months ago

Lost Adoptee?

I'm the only person I know who is adopted from Kazakhstan. It upsets me that I'm so isolated and alone and get no representation. I try not to get so hung up on this sadness. 

I love my family and they love me so much, they always say I am what was missing in their lives. I have endless love for them! I have voiced this issue with my parents, we try to find things and ideas to get more in touch with my culture. But my culture is so unheard of in America :(. Sometimes I get so upset I just want to disappear. To my other adoptees out here, do you have any advice for these kind of feelings? I often feel so lost as the only Kazakh teen I know. I just want to know who I am for once :(

Any tips, advice, self help books/self care in general, podcasts, kind words, anything please! Thank you :)

1 Answer

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