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Best DSLR camera for beginners ?

Ive dabbled in photography here and there over the years but decided to ditch my very old camera which is beginning to fall apart. Is there any DSLR you would recommend for a beginner? I dont have a super cheap budget but also not an expensive budget. Thank you!! 

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  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Spend $300 on a cheap one first, then if you like it and find yourself using it a lot, get a t2i, they do video well also.

  • Sumi
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    The best DSLR within your budget depends upon your exact budget and more importantly, what exactly are you photographing.  If you're a landscape shooter, then go with a DSLR or mirrorless with a high resolution sensor in the 36MP ~ 50MP range.  If you need to shoot in low light hand held, then go with one that has in-body image stabilization such as a mirrorless from Sony.

    If you're shooting sports and/or fast action, then go with a DSLR which will have a faster and more accurate focusing system than lower-priced mirrorless cameras.  Mirrorless really struggles with sports/fast action, but the higher-end models like Sony's A9 have solved that issue.

    There are no "bad" DSLRs or mirrorless cameras, just ones that are going to be better or worse for specific uses.

    In addition to the body, pay attention to the lens selection from the brand, too.   Makes no sense to go with brand X because of it's "better" body if only brand Y makes the specific lens that you need.  Of course, the exception to this is if you can adapt the other lens.  Mirrorless cameras can almost always be adapted to just about any lens via lens adapters, which is why you may want to get a mirrorless instead of a DSLR depending upon what types of photos you make.

    Sony, Nikon, Canon are all great.  Fujifilm is killing it in the APS-C format mirrorless cameras.

  • BriaR
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    A new DSLR with lens ranges from £300 to £3000 and beyond.  There is no "easy to use" DSLR.  They are all pretty much the same - if you can use a £300 DSLR you can use a £3000 one.  When you spend more money you get additional features to aid your picture taking and as the price really ramps up you get professional grade cameras designed to be rugged to take hard knocks and the occasional rain storm.

    Because you haven't been specific about your budget it is hard to give specific advice.

    You should buy the most expensive DSLR and lens you can afford but be sure to leave money available to buy a spare battery and memory card.  Don't be tempted to save money by buying cheapo cheapo memory cards.

    Don't expect a DSLR to be a photo panacea.  The camera is a tool; people, not cameras, take photographs. Just as buying the very best carpentry tools won't turn me into Thomas Chippendale, a DSLR will not turn you into a master photographer overnight.   If you take carp photos with your phone or point and shoot camera then your DSLR photos will also be carp until you master the controls to get the effect you visualise.  

  • keerok
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    4 months ago

    There is no such thing.

    There is no dSLR for the beginner. They are all difficult to use. The hardest to use are the cheapest ones. Entry-level refers to budget, not skill. It is recommended to buy the most expensive dSLR you can afford. That way, you avoid upgrading (something beginners realize they have to do once they get the hang of photography) and you increase the chances of actually learning (because a more expensive camera has better features and allows you to shoot more easily).

    At the very least, get a mid-level dSLR. There is no rule that beginners should start with an entry-level camera. If a beginner can afford to learn photography using a full-frame dSLR then so be it. Anyone who contradicts is just jealous.

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  • 4 months ago

    But what is the budget?  Also, what is it about DSLRs that makes them first choice?  Mirrorless cameras are very popular and things like M43 and compact all have their place.

  • 4 months ago

    Pentax K-70.

    There really isn't a DSLR for beginners.

    To make the most of any of them,

    you have to learn proper techniques.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Well what is this budget?  Do you have any existing lenses? 

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