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If you send your laptop back to the manufacturer due to the screen not lighting up, would they have to look through the computer?

Recently I was updating my dell laptop's BIOS, and in the middle of the update, the screen froze. The fans were going crazy and I got a bit spooked so I unplugged it from the charger and let the battery die, and now the screen is blank and the fans are on full blast when I turn the laptop on. I'm planning on sending it back to the manufacturer to see if they can fix the issue.

I don't have any illegal stuff on it, like bank heist plans or anything, but I do have a **** ton of porn. I don't really mind other people finding out, its just porn. But I gave it some thought earlier today, and I couldn't stop thinking about some poor tech service guy fixing up the laptop (If they even are capable of that) and getting a face-full of adult content.

So I guess what I'm asking is, if I send my laptop in for repairs (Can't right now due to COVID-19), will they have to do anything related to files to fix it? And if so, is there any way I can save them from witnessing the porn without the screen working? Sorry if this seems like a weird question, but this is Yahoo! answers so i'm sure at least it's not the strangest thing on here.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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    When you send a laptop to the manufacturer they usually (90% of the time) will just swap it out with a refurbished one, so you won't get back any of your data. Most of the time they will warn you this could happen, but in my experience it ALWAYS happens. Eventually they would just reformat the original hard drive.  Manufacturer repair shops don't sit around with your laptop, they just reimage hard drives and swap out parts.    If you need access to your data you will have to physically remove it yourself and back it up.   

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    they have better uses of their time than looking through your files

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    They aren't, frankly, interested in your porn and have doubtless seen it all before and almost expect it. In any case, they're unlikely to go through those files. 

    Having said that, there was a case here some time ago where the techs came across some kiddie porn (definitely illegal) on some guy's computer and they did report it. He went to Court and was convicted.  "Ordinary" adult porn won't bother anyone, this involved very young children. 

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    1. First off, they've seen it all and if they have time might save some for themselves. Uh, so I've heard. 

    2. Second, if you don't have your background as porn and don't automatically play porn when your computer starts up, they're not going to see it.

    3. There's a chance you'll never see your hard drive again. Take it out and make a backup.

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    Trying the BIOS regeneration again might work for you. Could not hurt.

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