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What does the Sun do at 0 degrees Sagittarius in a Natal Chart?

Sun conjunct Saturn at 0 degrees Sagittarius on the 11th house and the 12th house cusp and Capricorn rising in the Birth Chart.

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  • Janet
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Sun represents the way in which we try to find inner wholeness .. a sense of self-fulfillment with who we are and how we see ourselves. In Sagittarius, the style for this will be expansive, optimistic, etc ... it doesn't have to be ALL the qualities of Sagittarius .. sometimes it is only one out of the long list of Sagittarius-type behaviors.

    How well or poorly this works for you depends on how Sun aspects OTHER planets in your chart.

    You have indicated that Saturn is conjunct your Sun, but not indicated if there are any other aspects to your Sun.

    If it is ONLY Saturn aspecting your Sun, your sense of reality (Saturn) works WITH your need to find inner wholeness.  In other words, it is a nice counterbalance for the enthusiasm of Sagittarius, which can sometimes be careless, excesssive, and SO optimistic that they are unrealistic.  Now, if Sun was in a Sign that was already realistic and down-to-earth, Saturn might be "overkill".  But not in your case.

    Unless there are squares or oppositions to this conjunction, in which case, you may be trouble finding inner wholeness and self-confidence.

    You seem to have some understanding of astrology.  So ... look FIRST at each planet, considering its aspects to other planets.  This determines how you interpret the Sign (stressed or harmonious, positive or negative style.  The house is only the area of life in which you seek to meet whatever need is represented by that planet.

    As for the Rising Sign, it is not a planet, so it is not an inner need, not part of your true personality. It is only the social mask you put on and hide behind when you are not completely relaxed in a social setting, or when meeting someone.  The less relaxed you are, the more you exhibit the behaviors of your Rising Sign. And once you are totally relaxed, your mask might come down completely.

    Saturn, as ruler of your Ascendant, conjunct your Sun (as indicator of how you find self-confidence) means that how people react to your social mask (Asc.) affects how easy it is for you to find self-confidence and a sense of inner wholeness.

    I'm not going to say more because there are so many possible ways any one factor in the chart can influence the person.  The job of the astrologer is to present the ones they can think of, and you tell them which, if any, YOU feel .. and if they dont' think of how it affects you, then you and the astrologer dig deeper .. together.

    This is why no real astrologer will write out reports, and why all written reports are merely lists of factors but not putting it together into a whole.

    • starry2 months agoReport

      Got it...why is the 0 degree so critical then?
      This one works though...👍

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