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Help me! I’ve seen a bug in my Room.?

Seen a centipede or millepede and killed it!

It was on my Bed. Should I be worried about more? I need peace of mind.

I live alone the only thing different I did today was turn my heater off. 

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    There is dampness somewhere near.

    Millipedes, unlike centipedes, are not venomous and are predominantly considered to be non-poisonous.

    However, there are some millipede species that produce irritating fluids from glands located on the side of their body.

    The good news is that house centipedes, while startling when they come running at super-speed out from under the kitchen counter, are not considered dangerous to humans. While it is possible that one might bite a person, more than likely it would take picking up a house centipede and handling one for that to happen.

    • Richard2 months agoReport

      Oh it’s a wet towel I be putting on my bed. Thank you!!!!! 

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