have they stopped all ways to be able to burn cds?

i inquired before about how to burn the lord of the rings trilogy on cd narrated by rob inglis, 46 compact discs, and 54.5 hours of listening.......lord of the rings on cd that i wish to burn as files on my windows 7 desktop computer.

but someone answered and said '' they used to burn cds until the software that did that removed that feature?''

so does that mean they have blocked all ways to burn cds to your computer? there is no way to transfer a cd or cds to your computer anymore?

if not, how would i actually burn these cds to my computer and what software would be best to do it with?

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  • Bill-M
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    3 months ago
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    When you Transfer from a CD/DVD to a computer it is NOT called Burning it is called RIPPING.

    Burning is when you have a File on your Computer and you want to copy (burn) it to a CD/DVD.

    There are TWO Free programs you can use to COPY (RIP) a CD/DVD to your Computer.

    1. Make MKV


    2. WIN X  DVD Ripper

    • thanks for your corrections, i got that wrong, im only a computer beginner, i have makeMKV but didn't know it ripped cds as well, thankyou for answering.

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  • 3 months ago

    Some game and movie CD and DVD require a special software and burner to copy them, because the manufacture put a copy protector code in it.

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