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are people here in britain ignoring the lockdown rules?

i heard earlier it was reported to me by someone who watched the news that many people were out today sunbathing in parks, ignoring the stay at home rule and lockdown rules....and i felt annoyed and at a loss really........are people stupid? why are they endangering everyone else and ruining it for others who are sensibly obeying the lockdown rule,  don't people realize we are in the midst of a virus pandemic?.......why are these chavs still out there ignoring the stay at home rule?  do they think they know best??

these people, whoever they are,  are stupid brainless fools and soon they will crack down even further so no one will be able to go out doors for any form of exercise.....then people who need exercise to maintain their health like me will be screwed because all these bastards ruined it for sensible folk like me.

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    10 months ago
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    Do you  know of anything that 100% of people obey?  We have laws up the whazoo, people still break them routinely.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Only a small number, naturally the media are reporting it.

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