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Good place to live in the UK?

I live in Scotland and have done my whole life - I am nearly 35 and bored. I live in a beautiful place with lots of countryside and a small population - a small town. Before Covid-19 I was determined to move away however this has now happened and now having to stay here has made me even more determined to move away once it is safe to do so after Covid-19 has hopefully passed.

Also I will be moving alone so is it safe to just move into a houseshare with random strangers as that's what i'll prob have to do?

Where is a good place to live, pref England that isn't too dangerous as I have always lived in a safe countryside place but has things to do - not too expensive either?

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  • Maxi
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    4 months ago

    So you have lots of time to research and plan, so at 35yrs old you can make your own decision.... clearly you need to find a job first otherwise you will find that renting a place will be difficult to do

  • TSK
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    4 months ago

    Parts of Lancashire not too far from Liverpool & Manchester.

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  • sam
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    4 months ago

    Edinburgh is nice and is safe as cities go

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  • 4 months ago

    It depends what you're into, what you want to do for a living + whether you can catch a break finding a job doing that.

    North Yorkshire is kind of similar to Scotland (except it doesn't have Nicola "wee Jimmy Krankie" Sturgeon screwing everything up).... much of the landscape looks similar enough not to get too homesick.

    Most of it usually gets ranked in the Top3 safest places to live in the UK.

    Most it is covered by "full service" freeview transmitters at Bilsdale + Pontop Pike (except where i live in Whitby, which only gets a "freeview light" transmitter, so you have to get satellite installed if you want less-crap TV channels to watch).

    Most of it is wired up for Fibre Broadband, with more to come.

    Has fast rail links back to/from Scotland from York, Thirsk + Northallerton, as well as a rail link to/from Manchester Airport via Transpennine Express services that go from Middlesbrough, Newcastle & Scarborough across to Manchester & Liverpool via York & Leeds.

    Has a pretty decent "Yorkshire Coastliner" bus service from Leeds to York, then onto Whitby, Scarborough or Bridlington (depending on the route number).

    Home to at least 3 of Britain's best beers: Theakston Old Peculier, Black Sheep Ale + Timothy Taylor's Landlord.

    Has a fairly decent County Council.

    Most the place is rural enough for a lifelong "country bumpkin" to be comfortable, but still be like 45-90 minutes drive to get to places like York / Leeds / Harrogate / Teesside / Scarborough / Barnard Castle / Darlington / Tyneside, etc for shopping (usually twice that time via public transport).

    East Riding of Yorkshire + Lincolnshire also seem like decent back-up options.

  • Clive
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    4 months ago

    What does this have to do with travel?

  • RR
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    4 months ago

    It would depend on the job market. London can be great but it's very expensive.

    How about Bournemouth? It used to be a retirement town but not anymore. There are a lot of big offices based there. It benefits from a nice climate and miles of award winning beaches.

    It has shopping and nightlife and is adjacent to pretty countryside.

    It has good communications by road and rail to London and the rest of Britain. It even has an airport.

  • Tavy
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    4 months ago



    But it will depend on where you can get a job.

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