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twiigss asked in Consumer ElectronicsTVs · 2 months ago

Need your help if you are familiar with tube TV's, please?

I have a used, Broksonic 19" Tube TV with VCR built in. The VCR no longer works, but I got the TV to hook up my Atari 2600 to. There is no Input button on the remote.

I got it to work, once. So I played Atari for a while on the Broksonic TV, and when I came back to playing more Atari, a few months later, again nothing would display on the screen, and I don't even know how I got it to come up the first time. I just kept trying to get to channel 03, which the TV normally displays 003, and not 03.

When the Atari was working 5 or 6 months ago, on the Broksonic TV, I remember it showing channel 03. If I type in 03 on the remote, the display will show CH 03-. If I press Enter after typing 03, nothing happens and the display shows 003.

There is a TV Monitor button, but apparently that button switches between TV and VCR. I found a website that gave a description of what all the remote buttons do. The TV model is Broksonic CTSG-9369CTT.

I initially had the Atari plugged directly into the coax hookup on the TV. I also purchased a game switch before all of this, and hooked up using that, but now I can't get anything to come up. Yes the Atari console is plugged in and the switch is set to ON.

If you think you could help, please I'd like to hear your ideas on this, because it's driving me crazy. Thanks.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Can't do much to insure success, 

    but the main thing is Don't Press Buttons At Random,

    and Don't Press Buttons In Succession Too Fast. 


    If you can't easily remember what you did, 

    write down what you do as you do it

    and note the sequences that fail 

    so you don't have to repeat them endlessly.  

    Eventually you will get it to work,  

    at which point you need to be Absolutely Certain how you achieved it 

    so you can do it again without trouble.  


    Or, get someone to help you in person 

    and make sure you end up with written instructions before that person leaves. 


    • twiigss2 months agoReport

      Thanks.  With an old tube TV however, it's pretty impossible to mess anything up, as the remote buttons are straightforward.

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