Are we coming in consistent contact with the aliens due to the Coronavirus pandemic ? ?

It is scientifically accepted that if the aliens / ET come in contact with the humans or even enter their atmosphere...they might start killing humans with the bacterias which they carry...



Update 2:

Refer to this video for "scientifically accepted" on YouTube : Naked Science 👇

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    Some contact you (with texts) but not direct contact. You would be burnt to ashes if they go through you. They live high above surface, and rare in the past came to research all things including humans. Went through house wall as to be air and went through some humans (and they been burnt to ashes, only few bones or parts left), later they understood and avoid going through humans or animals. Some think they had been natural phenomena from thunder producing 'electrical flying ball'. Comment from noone. I expect 👇

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    The documentary explains that there are chances of the Air which we are breathing / the Oxygen getting affected as the Aliens get closer to the Earth. I am not saying that they are on their way to the Earth but it might be that certain space objects are affecting our Atmosphere.

    Corona Virus is severe than the SARS because Corona is not just about the Respiratory system it's about the OXYGEN which we breathe. That OXYGEN is polluted with the similar yet intense formulation of SARS. Oxygen is life on earth for all the species to breathe in and to live. Except the Plants and the Trees that breathe in Carbon di oxide and release the Oxygen. The Oxygen in our Air is supporting the Virus and transmitting it from one place to another. 

    In this case, the Oxygen is intoxicated hence it needs to be REVERSED and CORRECTED to make the Air to be breathable and livable. (Given the immunity boosters and the preventive vaccines). 

    Air Purification is on the priority on Earth. 

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    "It is scientifically accepted..."

    By which scientists, exactly?  Hmm?  Are you sure you're not talking about this guy?

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    I understand that people who are afraid look for any possible way to blame things on anything possible and personally add your alien theory to blaming a deity or praying for help from one. It also is added to the one about hoaxes and the ones blaming the Chinese or Russians or a little old woman with the Ouija board and tea leaves.

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