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Does a Muslim female and Christian guy's relationship work?

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    It could work if they work at it. They would have to be understanding of each other and each other's beliefs. A Muslim believes in the Five Pillars. 1. There is only one God and Mohammed is his last prophet 2. Giving alms to the poor. 3. Praying five times a day 4. Fasting during Ramadan 5. Traveling to Mecca at least once in your life if financially feasible. A Christian man may not believe in any of these pillars necessarily, but can support his wife in doing these things if they are meaningful to her. They may have a shared commonality as far as praying, giving alms, and maybe even fasting, but the rituals might be different in each faith. If they are compatible and mutually agree on supporting each other's faiths, it can possibly work.

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    Only if they are firm in their beliefs for after all you do worship the same god just in different fashion.

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