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Rolled ankle, now feels like it’s going to snap? ?

I was doing box jumps the other day and lost my balance and rolled my ankle. It hurt very bad but after like ten minutes the pain settled down and I was able to continue my workout. The next day it was extremely swollen painful and stuff. I had an awful limo when i walked. The next day it was still swollen but significantly better and now it’s the same, swollen but better movement wise. However, it still hurts a little bit and I don’t know how to explain it but it feels like there’s this tension in it, like if I were to move it the wrong way it would just snap and break. It’s hard to explain. I was just wondering if this is something to worry about or if maybe some stretching could fix it. I stretched it a little the other day but couldn’t tell if it was helping or hurting. I’m just really looking for an explanation for the tension/feeling like it’s going to snap. Thanks!


Sorry about the typos! Stiff not stuff, and limp not limo haha!

1 Answer

  • Jess
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    Did you not elevate it and put something cold on it? That's like the first thing you do when you hurt your ankle without quite breaking it.

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