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liss asked in PetsFish · 2 months ago

Pac-man Frog & Feeder Fish?

I just adopted a pac-man frog from a relative who passed away. I am a bit unsure about caring for it. He is currently under a year old (i believe about 6-8 months). I have him in a 10 gal tank, with coconut fiber soil (the bricks you add water to) and a water bowl about 3in by 4in. He is in my bedroom, which temp stays around 68-72. I’m looking into heating pads/bulbs, thermometers and hygrometers, etc... money/price is not an issue, i’m just unsure of how to care for the little guy. i went to my pet store, and they told me feeder fish were the best food option for him, i have a half dozen currently. I am also unaware on how to care for feeder fish, what should i feed them, how big of a tank/how many fish should i keep at time? I know I sound exceptionally unprepared and irresponsible, however I was the only person willing to take care of the frog. Giving the frog to a shelter/pet store is not an option, I am ready and willing to learn all I need to know about care. I researched a lot on it, however I’ve gotten different answers and hope to hear firsthand from someone who understands/cares for these pets themselves. thank you all!

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  • 2 months ago
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    I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for taking this frog in and trying to find the best care for him. 

    I had a pac-man frog years ago and never feed him feeder fish. Mine was very lazy and wouldn't move his butt to get near the water to try to eat a fish. You can add a dish with enough water for the feeder fish and sink the dish down into his substrate to see if he will eat it. They are lazy by nature and pretty much wait until the food walks by. Mine ate crickets, earthworms, meal worms, houseflies, dubia roaches and worked his way up to pinkies.

    Your substrate is great. Don't forgot live plants and keep his tank humid but not wet.What kind of feeders? Goldfish are not that great as feeders. Most can stand a heater kept around 75° except goldfish. They do not need a heater. Keep the feeder tank bottom bare as it will be easier to clean if there isn't gravel. Please provide them hiding places. Make their lives comfortable and as happy as possible. They are feeding your friend. Give them a good home until they become his dinner.☺Give them a variety of food. I give my tetras, bettas and goldfish live wingless fruit flies, vinegar eels, daphnia, newborn earthworms, blood worms and the standard fish food. You don't have to go that far and breed all of the mentioned insects but a good variety of food with benefit the feeders and your frog. They are cute little devils and you will enjoy having him as a pet. Good luck to you both.Here is link to some good info.

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      forever thankful for this!!!

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