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Is my best friend really a evil person ? ?

My best friend of five years is kinda evil I can say. This boy we knew an old friend just died recently and we wasn’t on that good terms with him he stole from us but he was on drugs when he did it. I won’t lie I was pissed off and angry at him but I feel sad now that he died and kinda heart broken. I wish he could of had the chance to better himself. Now my best friend is saying things like that’s what he gets I’m happy he’s dead he shouldn’t of stole from me and she starts laughing I didn’t say anything because I find that quiet mean to say I don’t wish death on anybody. I told her I feel bad and kinda sad my heart is sensitive I told her no matter how bad a person did me I wouldn’t wish death on nobody. Then she starts saying She has a good heart too I’m not the only one. She starts saying things like she was just kidding she actually felt hurt when he died. My opinion she’s a darn lie she was looking so serious and happy that he was dead and I’m just like what the ****!! Then when I confront her and tell her my heart is too good about it all of a sudden she feels bad and sad just because I did I think it’s just an act. She always says how she loves god and praises him but she doesn’t even pray. and how you so into god and you wish death on people or she says things like she’s going to start shooting people who did her wrong. I just tell her let karma handle those people. And god wants us to forgive she just says I’m not forgiving nobody oh well. Is she a evil help ?

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    go f yourself you self rightgeous...people are allowed to react naturally..your no different

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    It's his religion that made her think that way.

    And deep down, unfortunately, I think she's right.

    Drug addicts are hopeless, especially when they take hard drugs.

    People know what they're doing when they're on drugs.

    They choose to do harm.

    The only excuse he can have is when the very poor steal from the very rich. But I don't think that's the case, because the very rich no friend very poor, they see the poor as animals.

    So when a poor person steals from another poor person and whether they are black, white or neon green, they are just traitors to their own.

    The rich use their elbows to dominate the poor, if the poor don't do the same, they will be lost and things will never change.

    Run away from drug addicts like the plague, they are no longer one of us, they have given up living and fighting for their own.

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