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Should i leave a good friend because of this reason? ?

Please read it after reading the picture.

 But this time i confronted him and was honest about it, and it was actually a good idea bc he said he didn't notice it and that he's sorry and he actually cares about me, my day and the things i say.. etc. He changed a bit, but then it came back and it keeps happening. And it's not like he's doing it on purpose obviously, which kinda makes it worse cause he thinks it's normal. And idk what to do anymore, bc he's a good friend and i want to talk to him and i care about him. Also bc he told me he feels so bad that i felt this way and that he cares and will try to get better and he kinda did but i just never see an actual change. I mean for god's sake it's not something u ask for! It's supposed to be a regular conversation with a friend that both of them are talking. I mean after all This is what friendships is about, give and take. But when i say sth about my day or whatever, he'd turn the conversation to himself. It just happened and i'm upset about it, but didn't say anything to him bc it's not like he did sth wrong. I just can't keep telling him. Help me idk what to do? Should i just ignore him or should i tell him again?

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