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Why did the host remove me from  the zoom meeting (video call)? ?

So I was joining this zoom meeting which is a video call, which was with ladies only, the ladies were talking mostly about normal things, and it was a virtual coffee date, so I watched them talk. On Wednesday 25th March , I was able to talk with the host when she asked me a question so I answered it. When I was online just now i got a messaged  popped up saying ‘My earphones were muted’ or something like that, I wasn’t saying or doing anything inappropriate to all of the guests just watch them talk, my pilates and Zumba teacher was either on of the guests or the host, but there was a lady who was a fitness instructor who was speaking to all of the guests as I joined in the meeting. In the end I got another message saying “host removed me from the meeting” 

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  • Lita
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    4 months ago
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    This is a question only the host can answer. You need to ask the host, not strangers online.

  • 4 months ago

    When in doubt, go directly to the source. Ask the host as to whey they removed from the Zoom meeting.

  • Pearl
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    4 months ago

    cause they were being mean is why

  • 4 months ago

    It's possible that there are a limited number of people that can join such a call and because you weren't participating they removed you so that someone that would participate could log on.

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