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What are some of the differences between the cellular level and the genetic level?

Do genes express the morphology of the cells?

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    1 month ago

    No. There are species that survive without genes.

    Genes coding is based on virus and their accepting of the overwrites as memory banks.

    Cells can be different. There are species that ruin and destroy that as is their survival.

    Virus (rna to dna to ...) some form of life:

    From one or few with nano-mass compared to only surface of the planet? To take years to end? Nope!

    Life simplified (facts) where nukes or guns won't help to any (and police or army has no power):

    1- ] there are 10³³ different viruses (even the 5000 known can't be controlled)

    2- ] rna/dna and other is built with viruses with help of catalyst for joining

    3- ] if some has immunity means the one has already built in gene from that virus.. and ..

    4- ] immunity means can be next carrier of implemented in any case without been sick, ... and ...

    5- ] why none is able to eliminate them: because there is always answer to anything, so one vanish them, other comes to vanish the vanish-er... and there comes again everything from planet-amoeba

    6- ] that is why "humans" (wtf is that) can't last more than 100 years, they try to kill any instead to work with nature ... (but "we can work TOGETHER")

    7- ] even if you work with nature, there are lot of out of perception and understanding things from other planets ... that may cut the process ... but

    8- ] at least any is prolonging, ... longer time, and has chance to advance and learn

    9- ] there are entities you can't even touch with any nuke or laser or force fields, they pass through, and ...

    10- ] virus is anyone's only friend for now, or amoeba terminator - disbanded (because they no longer needed us).

    Cells vs viruses

    When we find each other with the creator (or us) we might join the light-balls again, and be ONE. Until then, we live with cells and viruses, and others. With no-purpose.

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