Could the brain be a non existent concept?

I don't know of the many ways a concept can be defined... let alone understood.

And this question is not implying that I actually believe this... more it is simply a way to get to the point... how do we know what a concept is and if a concept is a built from flawed understanding.

For example...

The laws of physics are not real...

instead these are observations... not laws.

That is important to note because a law can imply a rule book exist... or that certain observations are always true.

Another example is the concept that dark=no light. But that is not always true... space is dark and is bathed in light... without a reflective surface... we simply do not detect least not with our human eyes.

These are human concepts... they go from shallow to deep. It seems the only thing unique about our concepts is that they are not genetically preconditioned things... we form them ourselves... where as colors are concepts that are genetically preconditioned within most of us.

But though they are not genetic... concepts are often understood in abstract... We typically try to express them through with forms constructed out of our limited preconditioned concepts that shared amongst our species... as to help others understand these concepts.

Much like how we try to express the concept of spacetime in a visual formation like this

But what if all of our logic, math, reason...are also concepts that could be falsely represented?

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  • Vaman
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    Concept is just an Idea. Say people eat food because they feel hungry. What one has to do next? Test it. Go to a hotel ask people. 80 % say that eat because they are hungry. 20% say they come to pass the time. Now put the limit. More than 70%, I believe is the law. People eat when they are hungry.

    So the method is Observe many times then guess concept go to many places and verify. If it is true when observed many a times, then you make law. Now give this law to your friend. Let him verify. If many friends agree then you may call this as a truth. I think this is the way a concept is built after many observations.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Ah, epistemology.

  • keerok
    Lv 7
    4 months ago

    Maybe, why not? Wanna try?

  • 4 months ago

    "Laws" in science or physics are mathematical formulas that define relationships between things - not laws in the legal sense.

    eg. The formula that define "Ohms Law", the relationships between voltage, current and power.

    Or the Law of Gravity, the formula that shows the relationship between mass, distance and force.

    Those formulae exist and are accurate; the "rule" that amps x volts = watts is always true.

    The problems are not with science, the problems are with people that do not understand it or deliberately try to misinterpret or confuse things - like the idiots that keep repeating the nonsense that a Scientific theory is not fact, 'cos its only a theory.

    Like "Law" or "Similar" etc., the word has a different meaning in the context of science.

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