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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 2 months ago

Why are WWE dvds so political, especially WCW and depending how a person's life turned out, they make it on the dvd?

Even if they were a top superstar and put on wat better matches than boring sting vs Rick flair that dominates every WCW comp dvd and Nitro dvd.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago
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    I see macho maches, but no Guerrero, no rick rude on there, no curt hennig even.

    Zero Benoit matches or four horseman w benoit.

    Not even Kidman? It's all sting and flair like you said. Or Hogan. 

    Steiner bros and road warriors were always boring to me.

    WCW dvds are boring considering how many other dvds cover them.

    They'd be better off releasing entire WCW ppvs on dvd. These guys were top ratings, but people have seen their matches millions of times.  They show the beautiful miss Elizabeth though. Arm Anderson is boring. 

    I was never a Flair or Sting fan. I only liked Hogan in NWO or classic Golden era WWF.  I'm watching Nitro 2 and Nancy in on here too. I stopped watching it. Maybe I'm just not into it anymore. I can imagine the network is overkill and highly censored too?

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