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I was instructed to resign from my duties as the company decided to close my project on 31st March 2020. I resigned on 11th March 2020 and my last working day agreed was 31st March. Later the country was locked down for all operations and i was working from home along with my team.

I did not get any confirmation of acceptance to my resignation.

on 31st March late evening the company HR suddenly informs that it was my last working day and i had to get clearance (The other team members keeps continuing the job).

I was suppose to join another company but due to lock down i am unable to move from my current location and not able to join other job.

This situation has put me in totally lock down and i fear that i would loose on my income till i dont join another job.

What should i do in this condition ?

Legal advice will be appreciated.


amit kumar sharma

2 Answers

  • 2 months ago

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    How do you expect anyone to give you advice when you didn't even tell us what country you're in? 

    In the USA, you should have declined to resign.   You let the employer terminate you so that you can collect unemployment benefits.   Employees who voluntarily resign their jobs are not eligible for unemployment benefits. 

    • janamit20012 months agoReport

      This was just left. I am from India.

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