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Turbro asked in Social SciencePsychology · 2 months ago


When ever I get mad for whatever reason caused by someone over something they either blame me or say bad stuff about me or tell me what to do that I don't like I get angry inside and when I try to express my anger by trying to defend myself and talk back I would try to raise my voice to be loud and try to yell back but I would stutter I would start to shake in fear my voice would start to crack and start sounding like I'm about to cry any second 

While I'm still trying to yell back but it's like stop it just stop you're embarrassing yourself what started of as me trying to defend myself I ended up making a fool of myself by looking like a little girl I didn't even have the balls to defend myself I looked like a total wimp 

I always let me tell me what to do 

I always let people talk bad about me 

I can't defend myself whatsoever 

And I'm freaking sick of it 

How is it that I can't defend myself when others are treating me bad why do I get so scared like I'm about to piss my pants when ever I try confronting them after I try to talk back to defend myself I get extremely scared I get sick to my stomach I feel the anxiety kick and I get very very scare and get a panic attack why am I such a little btch why can't I be like those other guys that look like real man who are tough strong muscular doesn't take sht from anyone is it because I lack of high male testosterone levels is there a way I can transform myself into being one of those guys is it a mental thing physical thing or?

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    You probably have anxiety; you may want to see your doctor and tell them your issues. From there, they will refer you to a counselor/shrink. But for now, I would say relax and try to avoid situations where people are interrogating you. 

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    • Jamie2 months agoReport

      Yeah they will determine whether you need talk therapy to fix your problem or medication. 

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