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Does a Netflix free trial purchase show up on a bank?

Ok basically my mum wont let me use her card so i thought of stealing her credit card only to purchase a Netflix free trial and i will turn of auto renew but im worried it might come up on my mums phone or bank will it?

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  • Never
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    4 months ago

    A $1 test charge may show up or a couple days. But unless she gets an alert or checks it she will not see it later. You can cancel right away and the system will automatically still let you watch to the end of the period. Mine is set to stop when my gift card balance runs out. My plan is to alternate between Netflix and Hulu every other month. Just because one always has plenty to watch.

  • Steve
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    4 months ago

    Any transaction through a banks credit card should show up on the cards monthly statement. Not a banks credit card? It will show up on that credit providers monthly credit statement. 

  • 4 months ago

    it probably will and i wouldnt steal , you could get caught and go to jail for that

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