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What are your favorites death metal albums of the XXth century?

5 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I dont know the names. 

    I liked immolation. 

    Cannibal corpse.


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  • 2 months ago

    elegy AMORPHIS 1996

    tuonela AMORPHIS 1999

    the jester race IN FLAMES 1996

    stigmata ARCH ENEMY 1998

    burning bridge ARCH ENEMY 1999

    Not listed:

    deflower WITHOUT GRIEF 1997

    osculum obscenum HYPOCRISY 1993

    projector DARK TRANQUILLITY 1999

    the final chapter HYPOCRISY 1997

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  • 2 months ago

    "White Christmas"

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  • 🦋
    Lv 5
    2 months ago

    i dont listen to that garbage

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  • 2 months ago

    I post a list where you can choose if you want 

    abominations of desolation MORBID ANGEL 1986   

    altars of madness MORBID ANGEL 1989   

    blessed are the sick MORBID ANGEL 1991   

    covenant MORBID ANGEL 1993   

    dominate MORBID ANGEL 1995   

    scream bloody gore DEATH 1987   

    leprosy DEATH 1988   

    spiritual Healing DEATH 1990   

    human DEATH 1991   

    individual though patterns DEATH 1993   

    symbolic DEATH 1995   

    the sound of perseverance DEATH 1998   

    slowly we rot OBITUARY 1989   

    cause of death OBITUARY 1990   

    the end complete OBITUARY 1992   

    world demise OBITUARY 1994   

    back from the dead OBITUARY 1997   

    deicide DEICIDE 1990   

    légion DECIDE 1992   

    amon feasting the beast DEICIDE 1993   

    once upon the cross DEICIDE 1995   

    serpents of the light DEICIDE 1997   

    eaten back to life CANNIBAL CORPSE 1990   

    burchered at Birth CANNIBAL COPSE 1991   

    tomb of the mutilated CANNIBAL CORPSE 1992   

    the bleeding CANNIBAL CORPSE 1994   

    vile CANNIBAL CORSE 1996   

    gallery of suicide CANNIBAL CORPSE 1998   

    bloodthirst CANNIBAL CORPSE 1999   

    left hand path ENTOMBED 1990   

    clandestine ENTOMBED 1991   

    slaughter of the soul AT THE GATES 1995   

    reek of putrefaction CARCASS 1988   

    symphonies of sickness CARCASS 1989   

    necroticism CARCASS 1991   

    heartwork CARCASS 1993   

    swansong CARCASS 1996   

    piece of time ATHEIST 1989   

    unquestionnable presence ATHEIST 1991   

    elements ATHIEST 1993   

    orchid OPETH 1995   

    morningrise OPETH 1996   

    my arms your hearse OPETH 1998   

    still life OPETH 1999   

    focus CYNIC 1993   

    onward to Golgotha INCANTATION 1993   

    mortal throne of nazarene INCANTATION 1994   

    diabolical conquest ICANTATION 1998   

    mental funeral AUTOPSY 1991   

    the karelium isthmus AMORPHIS 1992   

    tales from the thousand lakes AMORPHIS 1994   

    elegy AMORPHIS 1996   

    tuonela AMORPHIS 1999   

    in the battle there is no law BOLTHROWER 1988   

    realm of chaos BOLTHROWER 1989   

    war master BOLTHROWER 1991   

    the 4th crusade BOLTHROWER 1992   

    for Victory BOLTHROWER 1994   

    mercenary BOLTHROWER 1998   

    amongt the catacombs of nephren ka NILE 1998   

    seven churches POSSESSED 1985   

    bestial devastation SEPULTURA 1985   

    morbid visions SEPULTURA 1986   

    INRI SARCOFAGO 1987   

    rotting SARCOFAGO 1989   

    the law of scourge SAROFAGO 1991   

    lunar strain IN FLAMES 1994   

    the jester race IN FLAMES 1996   

    whoracle IN FLAMES 1997   

    colony IN FLAMES 1999   

    scum NAPALM DEATH 1987   

    from enslavement to obliteration NAPALM DEATH 1988   

    harmony corruption NAPALM DEATH 1990   

    utopia banished NAPALM DEATH 1992   

    fear emptiness despair NAPALM DEATH 1994   

    Inside the torn apart NAPALM DEATH 1997   

    extreme conditions demand extreme responses BRUTAL TRUTH 1992   

    need to control BRUTAL TRUTH 1994   

    the 10 commandments MALEVOLENT CREATION 1990   

    retribution MALEVOLENT CREATION 1992   

    Eternal MALEVOLENT CREATION 1995   

    the fine art of murder MALEVOLENT CREATION 1998   

    dreams on the carrion kind DISINCARNATE 1993   

    gore metal EXHUMED 1998   

    malleus malleficarum PESTILENCE 1988   

    consuming impulse PESTILENCE 1989   

    testimony of the ancients PESTILENCE 1991   

    sphères PESTILENCE 1993   

    the gallery DARK TRANQUILLITY 1995   

    where no life dwells UNLEASHED 1991   

    de profundis VADER 1995   

    grom BEHEMOTH 1996   

    pandemonic incantation BEHEMOTH 1998   

    satanica BEHEMOTH 1999   

    embalmed existence RESURRECTION 1993   

    Crimson EDGE OF SANITY 1996   

    dawn of possession IMMOLATION 1991   

    into the grave GRAVE 1991   

    the rack APHYX 1991   

    the somberlain DISSECTION 1993   

    storm of the light's bane DISSECTION 1995   

    effigy of the forgotten SUFFOCATION 1991   

    black earth ARCH ENEMY 1996   

    stigmata ARCH ENEMY 1998   

    burning bridge ARCH ENEMY 1999   

    once sent from the golden hall AMON AMARTH 1998   

    the avenger AMON AMARTH 1999   

    none so vile CRYTOPSY 1996   

    neverending destiny AGRESSOR 1990   

    towards beyond AGRESSOR 1992   

    symposium of rebirth AGRESSOR 1994   

    medieval rites AGRESSOR 1999   

    final holocaust MASSACRA 1990   

    enjoy the violence MASSACRA 1991   

    signs of the decline MASSACRA 1992   

    disincarnate LOUDBLAST 1991   

    sublime dementia LOUDBLAST 1993   

    abject offerings MERCYLESS 1992   

    mystic place of dawn SEPTIC FLESH 1994   

    esoptron SEPTIC FLESH 1995   

    ophidian Wheel SEPTIC FLESH 1997   

    a Fallen temple SEPTIC FLESH 1998   

    revolution DNA SEPTIC FLESH 1999 

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