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need help find a song!!!! dance/house/type music I think?

im pretty sure the opening says something like "we fell in love in the summer one was around us for days" this may not be correct but its all I can remember and the beat in the beginning was soft but had a louder tap, like a paino or drum. my mind is blank after that!! this was a song I associate with rupauls drag race so it was either on the show or a commercial YEARS ago. atleast 4 or 5 maybe more :( I know I can watch rupaul over but like I said im not even sure it it was featured on an episode. I remember listening to 2 of the songs by the same artist, I want to say it was dj something (like a normal guys name) like matthew or david something, which im still not positive ive googled and youtubed everything I can think of for months with no success. if anyone has any ideas please help me im desperate its driving me insane.also it sounds like a lady is singing but the dj has a male name?? I have no clue maybe its a man singing. pls help

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