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Why do people kiss each other?

Let's say that all the people are selfish and have strong ego that forces them to do what satisfy only them... It's not true but let's imagine. So why do people kiss each other? If a person that you love kisses you, mostly you feel pleasure, not the actual person. His\her lips touches your skin, cheek, lips, you feel good, you receive this sense, this sing of love. But what's going on with a person that actually make a kiss? Why does he\she feel so good about it?

1 Answer

  • Linda
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Most people like initiating kissing and also being kissed. The pleasure usually goes both ways. In some cases, the kisser enjoys the kiss more than the receiver of the kiss. It's the same way with sex, if a guy initiates sex, he gets every bit of pleasure as the one receiving it. Why? In both cases, the initiator wants something and when they get it, they receive satisfaction. Sometimes the receiver doesn't want a kiss and just goes along with it. That is my explanation for it. 

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