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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsFriends · 2 months ago

The girl who liked me laughed at my bad luck with my ex and said she wasn't interested anymore... why?

Everything was going fine, we liked each other, she was cute, kind... everything that I wamted. But she broke my heart. Before we could get officially engaged I told her that in my past I was badly hurt by my ex, a girl who betrayed me, got pregnant with another guy, told me the kid was mine, got me beaten up by her other man and his friends, hold my hand and kissed me on purpose so that the other girl (the one I dated later) cried running away and avoided me for a long time. After we broke up I started a relationship with her. She told me she had never had a boyfriend before so we have to get officially engaged in order to date (her parents wanted this way since they are considervative). I agreed but told her I was bad burnt by my previous relationship and motivated my reasons. As she heard the story she told me I was really stupid and I deserved what happened because I was a man without balls, and said when I was going after you you were b****** around with her, I was bullied at school and no one ever helped me, she had many troubles that time and was secretly hoping I would have come, but when she saw  kissing and holding her and now knows that she was a b****, she said I deserved it, laughed and went away. She never sent a message again. This was even more painful than my first break up with the girl who told me the kid was mine

1 Answer

  • Ana
    Lv 6
    2 months ago

    Be glad, you dodged two different bullets. Now stop going after evil bit*ches, learn to go after classy nice humble girls

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