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Why are the blue, white, pink, and purple colors on my LED lights not working?

I got LED lights off of amazon and at first all of the colors worked and then the four colors i mentioned stopped working. Now the blue colors are red and only one shade of green works. The whites are yellow. I was just messing with a little bit and all of the sudden all of the colors worked again, but i moved the cord and they're back to not working. I think some of the color cords might be disconnected but when i tried messing with it again they still wouldn't work. Can somebody help?


it ended up being that the color cords weren't connected right, i fixed it. but i do have another question. the diy color buttons on my remote don't work. i can press the button and it turns the lights white but i can't mix the colors. the red, blue, and green arrows don't work. also my remote is working funny. i have to press the buttons like a million times to get them to work. how do i fix this?

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  • 2 months ago
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    LEDS normally only have four colors, red, blue, green and "white" which is actually "no color". All the other colors are made by mixing various levels of the three colors and white.

    If you lights are not displaying some colors or have the wrong colors, then you have a short somewhere that is causing it to not be able to display all three colors. For example, if "pink" requires a mixture of red, a small amount of blue and white, and the blue is not working, you will not get pink.

    The fact that moving the cord made the colors come back is pretty good evidence that the issue is a short in one (or more) of the lights. You moved them around and restored the connection and then you get all the colors.

    If you just recently purchased the light (last 30 days) contact Amazon about a refund or replacement.

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  • 2 months ago

    You don't give a maker or model number or even a picture of the lighting unit or the remote, so how to guess?  Contact whoever made it.

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