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A music animation video on Youtube about trolling?

I remember about 4-5 years ago watching a video on youtube about trolling. It is fully animated, and musical in nature. The beginning of it has the Trollface guy talking in rhymes with accompanied piano music about how nobody remembers how trolling is performed.

During this, he is also applying makeup, with one of the things being broken glass. After that short introduction, he turns around and sings about the various trolling practices and such with animation showing the trolling practices.

For the life of me, I can't find this video. I searched, but Youtube's algorithm just brings up Troll Movie garbage and Minecraft trolling videos, even if I put animation, music, parody, etc in it. That, or the trollface quest games.

I even tried searching the fragmented lyrics I remember, but to no avail. Something on the lines of "It seems people don't remember (Something) or how trolling is performed. *turns around* well listen (Something something, breaks into song) "

The singers voice is very crisp, on the deeper side, and it had a few trolly mentions in the lyrics that rhymed with everything else. Such as "What's wrong, bro? you mad?"

The music sounded very Disney-song like, as if they are singing about something a lot more majestic. If you have any idea what the title is called, or who made it, or even if it was taken down or not, that'd be much appreciated. Thank you.

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