I'm thinking of returning my ATH LS70iS audio technica earphones to be repaired because there may be something wrong with sound but I'm not?

entirely sure and if Audio Technica find no fault, they charge you for no fault found, so for points, can anyone tell me what I can do to see for myself if there is anything wrong with the sound before returning them? No one I know has a pair that I can compare them with, but I do have a pair of ATH M50X headphones and I've compared them and the sound of the LS70iS seems to have considerably less higher frequencies and mid frequencies that are not as prominent, and sounds much duller. But ideally I would like to have a better way of seeing for myself if the sound of the LS70iS's is broken. Thanks.

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  • Lance
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    4 months ago
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    If your not satisfied return them as defective...then order another pair if you like or a different pair. If the Ls70i pair you reorder also has the same sound then you know its the model number that you do not like not that its defective...I think whats important here is that you like the sound of the head phones whether they are broken or not is really not relevant to your satisfaction. Headphones are a very personal thing and tastes differ from person to person so get the pair that you will be happy with...

  • 4 months ago

    Different models have different frequency response curves.    


    There is probably nothing wrong at all. 

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