4 yr old always crying?

So after a long divorce i finally got custody of my daughter. And all she does is cry she crys when she cant do something she crys because i tell her no she crys when she doesnt get her way she crys when shes in the shower eating and getting ready for bed. Ive tried everything talking to her letting her cry it out which literally she will cry for 2 hrs straight to where i honestly would have forgotten at that point why i was even crying.... She starts screaming like a crazy person on the top of her lungs and throwing things at the wall or me if im in the room. Ive tried talking to her didnt cut it ive spanked her bottom with two swats only ended up with her hitting me in the face and her kicking me in the stomach i just had a baby and surgery to remove a tumor so i cant necessarily keep this up. She screams for hours on end that she wants her daddy and she doesnt love me and doesnt want to be with me she wants her daddy ive had her now for about 4 months and this is an everyday thing. I love her to death shes my baby and my only girl but shes got all my boys tired of her mess too. To the point where my 11 10 and 8 yr old boys are telling me to send her back to her daddy. I feel like a failure and i honestly dpnt want to send her back but i cant handle all this stress anymore and dont lnow what to do. Any ideas? Or shoyld i jist let her go back???


P.s. she was fine in the beginning months that i got her but she slowly progressed to this. I dont spoil her. She gets her equal share of love we dont buy them everything they want or give th everything they want they earn mpst of thier things with tasks they can handle around the house hers is making her bed in the morning and pick up her toys in the evening

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  • Elle
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    4 months ago

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  • 4 months ago

    Sounds like she may need a counselor. Also she continues to get attention from you, so why would she stop.

    Make her go somewhere else to cry- her room a corner etc...

    Instead of giving her attention when she is naughty make a big deal of when she's happy. Read books, blow bubbles, tell her you love her smile, etc...

    Also involve her in things with the baby, like helping to pick out what the baby should wear, pick the bottle the baby drinks from etc...

  • 4 months ago

    Being a toddler in her situation might not be easy right now , hopefully she'll grow out of it in time.

  • PR
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    4 months ago

    Your daughter has expressed what is bothering her. If her father is near and not a threat to her, then it might be expedient to allow her to spend some time with him. Divorce is very upsetting to a child, but their feelings and well-being must be considered. 

    If you are not in the least talking to her about this, she will continue to resent this and it may get even worse. 

    Consider your daughter's emotional welfare and see if it would work out for her to spend at least some time with Dad. He is, after all, part of her.

    You also might try to understand how he did things, so you can in some minor ways replicate those. Although some of the things he did may not be good for her, perhaps having some familiarity may be beneficial.

    Can you allow her to Skype or other face time on the computer? 

    The child obviously misses her father. If it is entirely ill-advised for her to spend time directly with Dad, perhaps due to safety, can she have supervised visits with him? 

    Beyond that, you may now need to consult with a psychologist, or certainly in the future when this gets even worse!!!

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  • 4 months ago

    I assume she has seen a doctor to rule out any physical cause; if not, do so immediately. So it's likely because she misses her other parent and is confused and disoriented. It's also likely you have said angry or mean things about the other parent, and that doesn't help. What she needs now is lots of love and a regular routine. Give her time to mourn what she has lost.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Let the brat go back to dad till you've had time to regroup.

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