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What effect will corona virus have on tuition?

Many students won’t want to go back to campus in fall fearing the corona virus, schools might have to lower tuition and offer “coronavirus discounts” in order to fill classrooms again, is this possible?

Lowering tuition would be possible by balancing the budget and cutting student services? More bare bones campus possibly?

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    Its possible but I doubt it , if there are fewer students then surly the fees should go up as the teachers still want to be paid and you would get a better smaller class. The colleges still want a profit and would still have bills to pay.

  • 4 months ago

    We might start to see the exponential fall of capitalism as a result of this pandemic!!

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    I think you're making a lot of unfounded assumptions.  If a campus is open and a student decided not to return, then either they withdraw or the are still on the hook for whatever the tuition will be. 

    Based on how college students are reacting to the pandemic in general and to finishing their semesters online from their parents' home, it doesn't seem likely that a significant number of people will choose not to attend college in the fall.  State or public universities have less flexibility and autonomy regarding services, majors, and tuition. Private universities has more. Universities could easily choose to raise tuition in order to cover costs as well as cut teaching position or sections of programs if there was a massive decrease in enrollment. Again, there's no reason to think that those things will happen. 

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    It is up to each college to decide what to do.  Some colleges have decided to refund dorm/meal plans/tuition on a pro-rata basis, others have not.  Students should plan to just keep in touch with their colleges & see what happens.

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    4 months ago

    well look at whats going on right now with telling students to leave, most have said no refunds even for housing they have been kicked out of, I'm sure they will blame the cost of cleaning the dorms and class rooms,

    most students need a class room to learn, it helps them to focus on learning, lets them ask questions and work with others to study and understand

    add to that many schools would fail if they lowered tuition, the big schools could do fine, some have many millions of dollars saved, the smaller schools don't have that safety net to fall back on,

    if anything I see on-line courses getting more expensive, with reasons like needing to secure the websites, special IT needs, and improving the on-lines classes, right now a lot of those classes are being made on laptops, but they would want to have better cameras, mikes, graphics, need their own servers, and don't forget the student better have a solid fast connection,

    oh look now they have to improve internet speed in the dorms - more money

  • 4 months ago

    the physicalness of campus, in essence, can not be changed. Lower tuition, in the face of higher costs, is not coming. Not even for online only courses.

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