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Anonymous asked in SportsWrestling · 2 months ago

How is/was RVD better than Triple H?

Fans still seem to have this juvenile grudge against HHH in 2020, still buying into this myth that Triple H was only pushed because of Stephanie McMahon and that every indie wrestler is better than 'The Game'.

One independent wrestler name that continuously comes up for some reason is Rob Van Dam, a wrestler who hasn't been relevant since leaving WWE in 2007 whose ECW is nothing more than a glorified highlight reel to most viewers today.

I'd like to know how is/was RVD better than Triple H.

FYI the names not Dave, it's Sylvia.

3 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Why do you get so triggered when someone has a different opinion than you? The reason people call you Dave is because you act just like him. You get mad whenever someone disagrees with you. You have the same awful grammar as him. You may not be him but you sure do act like him.  

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    HHH is definatly better than RVD. RVD never main events in WWE or won a heavyweight world championship.

    Marrying Steph definitely helped his career.

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  • 2 months ago

    It's hard to say who is better, because they have completely different styles and technique. I think Triple H is better at some things, and RVD is better at some things.

    From what I heard and seen, Triple H is great at improvising and calling a match. Triple H leads the matches, and he has, even when he was in his early years of his career. Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker and many more have praised Triple H for been able to call a match on the fly, and been great to work with.

    Triple H in my opinion is an underrated seller, too. He can take brutal bumps, and when he is in there with a powerful opponent, he looks like he is in agony when he gets overwhelmed by a strong opponent. He doesn't oversell or undersell, it looks right. He even sells little things like punches, depending on the opponent.

    I cannot speak for other fans, but in some ways RVD can do stuff that Triple H cannot. Triple H cannot do the high octane, risky aerial manuvers that RVD can/could. RVD had/s so much agility, and kicks that take a lot of flexibility and accuracy. He has those crowd pleasing moves that Triple H doesn't. His matches were more fast-paced, too. 

    Does that make him better? No. Like I said, Triple H is a good brawler, a good seller, a great ring-leader, and has great psychology. I would have to re-watch their matches, because It's been a while since I seen their matches. They both can produce good/great matches in different ways. 

    If you are talking about more than wrestling? I think Triple H has RVD beat. Triple H is one of the best heels, cuts some of the best promos I have seen. He has so much range on the mic; he can be funny, serious, arrogant, confident. He can change gears, stay to the point, out-promo most.

    I think Triple H was pushed because of his work-ethic, and because he is so talented overall.Triple H is a big guy, but there are still bigger guys than him. Triple H is probably in the top 20 greatest of all time, of anyone. People may not like his style, and think he is boring, and I think that is why they might think RVD is a better wrestler than him. 

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