What is the difference between archaeology and anthropology  ?

They both study about past remains of humans, either natural or man made.

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    Anthropology is the scientific study of humans. Archaeology is a branch of anthropology that studies human cultural remains. An archaeologist is an anthropologist but an anthropology may not be an archaeologist. Archaeologists may not study living human cultures, but an anthropologist may study living humans. For example, a cultural anthropologist may study, say, Mexicans, Amazonians, Iranians by visiting those places where they live to learn how those people live. Archaeologists on the other hand mainly deal with physical objects, such as potteries and old buildings, that were used by humans who are no longer living, and even human remains, such as those found in Pompei, but not living humans. Physical anthropologists mainly deal with human evolution, and they may focus mainly on the remains of ape-men, which are not fully humans, and they may also work with DNA and human and ape-men anatomy, things that a cultural anthropologist or archaeologist may not work with.

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    Archeology focuses on discovering and analyzing things, while Anthropology focuses on piecing together and recording the history.

    Archeology: finding data

    Anthropology: using the data

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