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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicSinging · 2 months ago

Should I give up in my dream to become a musician/guitarist?

I love music, I always loved music and I always wanted to be a musician but even though I know guitar, I can't come up with a good chord progression without help, I can't write good song lyrics at all without someone guiding me, and even thought I love singing I don't sing as good as I used to. 

Then I see people who can do everything I stated, and it comes to them naturally, it's like they were born for it, and I get embarrassed and disappointed, like why am I even trying to do this when there are so many people who are extremely talented and deserve more reward than I do?

I can practice for a hundred years and still not reach their natural born talent.

3 Answers

  • 2 months ago

    If this is something that you want to do why are you asking other people if you should do it? There's nothing wrong with asking for help with chord progressions. All musicians are not composers or song writers. You can improve your playing skills by continuously practicing. Why not play for your own enjoyment of music. You don't have to become a professional to enjoy playing music. Stop trying to be like others and just be yourself. Have you considered taking lessons?

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  • 2 months ago

    i have made every single dollar since 1973 in live performance, Music education, studio teaching, adjudication, and arranging.  NONE OF US are born knowing everthing - Angels did not whisper to us when we were born. We got a TON if education.  Some of it led to degrees from fine conservatories and schools.  Then we learned AFTER that (so we were not lost lambs) by self-study.  You CANNOT NO POSSIBLE FREAKING WAY teach yourself everything.  Once you have knowledge, you have artistic choices - and creativity happens (some times, better and easier than others . . .). For you - step 1 - take weekly lessons with the finest teacher to can get to.  No, not you tube, or some phony website with no verifiable credentials, or the stoner at the local strio mall music store.  Step 2 - get accepted into a truly fine Music college/conservatory.  You might not stay 4 years, but if you are good enough to get into a fine school, chances are, hard as it is, you will stay. I will skip the next steps for now - because your job is YOU.  Do what you must to get the $$ for lessons. No whining.  Go big or stay home.  This is harder than getting into Harvard Law.  You need structure, discipline, and EDUCATION.  MILLIONS OF US HAVE DONE THIS.  This could be your time.  Are you all in - or not?

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  • 2 months ago

    Make music for yourself and forget everything else. Then eventually you may find your own true voice with music.

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