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Aquarium Water Cycling?

I have a pet Dwarf Frog now and Im now aware of the science behind cycling. My plan is to put a ammonia starter in conditioned water - plants- and add some used tank water. I’m going to use a filter as well. 

I NEED MORE TIPS or specifics on how to water cycle an aquarium and after care. The used tank water I’ll be adding is from my beta fish tank but I didn’t cycle that and this is the first I’ve heard of water cycling. I just feel unsure. 

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    Do you know someone that has a tank and they have had it awhile? You can use their gravel in mesh bag to help jump start the bacteria. You can also their filter media as long as you know their fish are healthy. I have always either seeded a new tank that way and by using decorations in the existing tank. You can also do as you said and jump it off with ammonia. It can still take 3 weeks until it levels off enough to be safe for animals. They do make instant bacteria you can add.  

    If you can, go the long route and feed the empty tank everyday like you are feeding fish. About 6 weeks.  It takes about that long to start up a good colony of bacteria. 

    Used tank water will have very little bacteria. They don't live in the water column but on the plants, decor and substrate.

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