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I think I have STDs omg what do I do!?


My vagina has been burning and itching all day no matter how much gentle moisturizing baths I have taken and I am so scared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do I do!?!?!!? I dont want to go tot he hospital yet due to the COVID-19 but I think it may be necessary at this point :(

Update 2:

I was rawdogged by 4 older guys in exchange for $500 (it was in Vegas so it was legal) and I thought they were all respectable men but I guess not!!! I'm only 20 years old I can't believe this ****! 

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  • If you have a doctor, call their clinic ask where you can get an std test done.

    In my area you can get a doctor to call you, by calling your clinic and making an appointment for your doctor to call you. They may be able to recommend some treatment until you can see a doctor. 

  • 4 months ago

    Get treatment, i guess?

  • 4 months ago

    Cut out your private part. You’re obviously too immature to use it responsibly

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