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Why isn't my iphone getting photos from my Mac? I have iCloud.?


Macbook Pro 15" bought in in 2017, 4 TB, running Catalina

iPhone 11 Pro Max 512G (328G available)

iPad Pro 512G (441G available)

All devices are up to date on their operating systems.

OK, so I have about 25,000 photos on my Mac. I have iCloud turned on for photo synching on all devices.

Last night (it's now been 26 hours ago) I added 250 photos to my Mac and made a new album of photos from a trip to Vietnam. I had my phone locked, connected to power and on wifi all night. When I woke up, none of the Vietnam photos are on my iPhone. However, the photos on my iPhone camera roll are on my Mac (which I hate and find so annoying, but that's another topic). So, according to some online advice, I turned iCloud photo synching off on my iPhone and back on. Then as expected all my albums from my Mac disappeared from my iPhone. However, photos from my iPhone camera roll are on my Mac. So, I lock my iPhone, connect to power and it's on wifi all day and no albums from my Mac are appearing on my iPhone at all. I have let the iPhone sit for periods of 3-6 hours today and nothing changes in between my periodic checks. I have also turned the phone off and back on a few times. Lastly, DOES in fact have all the photos from the new album I made on my Mac and has since last night.

My iPad has no issue getting the new album from my Mac and all photos from my Mac to show up. Help?

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