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I now regret taking the advice & should have not done what I did?

Hello, I am calling from hell. I was told by a user here to cut off my nut sack and to allow myself to bleed out since it would be for the best for the gene pool.

The problem I'm having now is that Satan is being very unfair, he is only allowing the ex-shoplifters the luxury of raising one foot out of the lake of fire, but of course, I have to have both feet in the lake, which is very uncomfortable as you could imagine.

Plus, everyone is laughing at me since my nut sack is missing - and now that I've realised that there is an afterlife, I now feel very insecure with myself since everyone knows your business and can see everything.

I hope that one Yahoo user who gave me that advice is reading this & is feeling some form of remorse now, because clearly his advice caused very bad consequences... After all, I have proved that there is in fact an after life, haven't I?


Also, Satan is not allowing anyone to "attention whore," so I apologise to him in advance since I'm breaking this rules by posting this question. But I just know that my face will be in the lake of fire tonight... please feel sorry for me!

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  • 3 months ago

    I should get you locked up in a mental health hospital.

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  • 3 months ago

    Sadly, you chose to take the advice of someone you don't know.

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