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Hi all

So in a nut shell I’ve been working in real estate for 10 years and stopped to study as a full time naturopath

I’ve done 4 subjects so far over one semester .

I’ve always been in interested in health I did a personal training course , a medical admin course and now starting this I just love it ! I love learning biology and chemistry most and want to get into a Bachelor of health science. I know this is what I want to do 

My issue is in school I never gave a crap I didn’t do badly but no OP / RANK.

I did get over 97 percent (7) in chemistry in biology I’ve just done; I don’t know if that can have any help or if work experience counts either or maybe there’s courses for entry/ exams I can do?

If anyone has any insight how I best go about the admission and if I can even get in that would be awesome ! I’m looking at UQ


ALSO. Just wondering obviously you have to do bachelor first and entry to doctor of medicine after biah blah

Just wondering what anyone’s thoughts are on working while studying ?

I’m currently doing two days a week, by boss wouldn’t be happy about it but I could possibly ask to just do the Saturday but I have heard that working at all is basically just not possible 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Australia requires you to earn a bachelor's degree in Australia, completing all prerequisites for admission to medical school, a 4-year professional graduate school offering the MD degree. Admissions to med school are very tough, very competitive.

    Make sure any foreign medical degree will qualify you to sit medical licensing exams in your country of citizenship, as you must return to your country & practice there.

    • layla2 months agoReport

      Hey thanks! Im a citizen though I was born in aus , I’m more asking how to get into the bachelor of bioscience and then after that is completed I’ll apply for doctor of medicine so 7 years all up. I’m just wondering about applicant requirements for the bachelor of bioscience / undergraduate degree ?

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