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i think im being like nonced on online and i wanna block the guy but i d feel bad lol help?

i'm 14 and this 17-18 yr old has been acting weird and saying sexual things to me and claiming that its fine and that hes joking for the past year and he's also bought me things (a game & loot) and says that i make him happy and says he suicidal and needs to talk to me so i'd feel really bad if i block him but its taking a toll on my mental health so idk what to do lol sorry if this doesn't make sense i just do not know what to do


edit : i would block him like u guys have said but he knows alot of my friends/ppl i respect in the community and might tell lies about me OOF

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  • 3 months ago

    He sounds like a pedophile. He's a predator and you're his prey. Block him now......

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Just block him, he’s manipulating you by buying you things and telling him he needs to talk to you. And if it’s making you uncomfortable talking about creepy stuff than even worse. Block him on everything and take a couple days not even looking at your accounts so he can’t change your mind. That’s the most important part because he will make more accounts to contact you from.

    “Community” don’t worry about that your real friends will stand by you and the ones that don’t arent worth talking to anyway 

    You could warn people in advance if you want but don’t do it too far in advance or word will get to him 

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